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Aiden without his coat on, in his suit given to him by the "legendary" Waggle.

Aiden is the godly Draconis Alma of Darkness and an amnesiac. He lives not within The Manor, though he visits it every so often when in need of information. One of the only few people to have ever been in the Void and lived to tell the tale. His current age is unknown, though it is speculated to be twenty-three. He stands at a height of 6'3. Aiden is the Prince from a far away land, where his family was murdered by Verisa, the Draconis God of Darkness.

Pre-Draconis Realm Edit

The Prince of a far away kingdom, Aiden was born under in a time of unrest. Verisa had been terrorizing the land, dubbed "The Plague". It was two years after his birth that his family had offered him up to The Plague as a means of toll, in order to spare their life. Only one relative, his sister, protested the idea. Verisa, instead of accepting their deal, killed them mercilessly in the night, even his sister Elizabeth, who begged for his life to be spared until her dying breath. Instead of killing Aiden, she chose to make him her Draconis Alma, leaving him in the Void for twenty one years until he would awake. Unknown to Aiden, Elizabeth is in fact alive. However, her soul and body are whithering away in the Darkness of Verisa's Body.

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Darkness - NA

Swordsmanship - NA

Transformation - Berserker Form Edit

Yet to occur. I might change my mind on keeping the Berserker Forms from oldreams. If I do keep it, I'll update it heavily.


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