The Solar Lion Edit

The Solar Lion was a guild of criminals, assassins, pirates, mercanaries and all the like, led by a man named Shin. The past of the Solar Lion is unknown and lost through the ages. The Solar Lion only had one purpose; To destroy humanity.

The Spirit Edit

One day, Shin found a magical artifact containing a spirit that had mysterious magical abilities. For freeing the Spirit, it promised it would grant Shin one wish. The same myth would be the main influence for the story about the genie of the lamp. Shin wished that he had enough power to fulfill his true purpose. The Spirit nodded and transformed his Guild into demons beasts. Ironically, Shin was transformed into a large demon lion with black fur and red eyes.

The Rose Garden Edit

The Guild, now transformed into monsters, disbanded and took refuge in an island filled with Roses and pink-leafed trees. The atmosphere of the mysterious island turned the sky around it a light shad of red.

The Lion, the Snake, the Tiger, and the Bear Edit

The only ones of the guild that still roam outside the Rose Garden is the Lion Demon Slaver, the Snake Demon Nagar, the Tiger Demon Smoker, and the Polar Bear Demon Smog.

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