Gizaan in her normal attire.

Gizaan Adaar is the Draconis Alma of Psychic/Mind.


Gizaan was born into a noble family in Qunandar, a large city in the distant land of Par Vollen. In Gizaan's homeland, skill in hand-to-hand combat was valued over anything else, and practice of magic (such as her skills as a Draconis Alma) were frowned upon. Prohibited from continuing her practices in magic, Gizaan left her home and travelled to Drealm. She has no recollection of acquiring her dragon blood from her donor dragon, as the infusion occurred when she was very young.


Gizaan has smooth, caramel-colored skin, white eyes, and a slim (although well-proportioned) build. She has long white hair that falls just below her shoulders, normally drawn back in a half-up-half-down style. Gizaan stands at approximately 5'5'', and carries herself with a generally calm demeanor.

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