God. A word that implies vast power and might. The gods of the Drealms universe were created to watch over the world that the Creator has made.

Creation and Destruction Edit

These beings far surpass gods. These beings surpass comprehension. However, they need to be discussed, and this is perhaps the best place to do so. In the beginning there were two beings, the Creator and the Destroyer. They each had a single purpose. The Creator must create, and the Destroyer must destroy. Eventually the Creator made the realms in which we now reside. However, the Creator had to focus completely on the protection of this world from the Destroyer, so he was unable to oversee the world's growth directly. Thus the Creator made gods, powerful beings to watch over each aspect of his creation.

The Powers of a God Edit

Gods have incredible control of the aspect of the world they were assigned to watch over. The Creator gifted them with Divine Mana so they could regulate and watch over their specific aspect of reality without much hassle. However, this Divine Mana only works on magic that falls under their specific aspect. A god of fire, for instance, can use Divine Mana when using fire magic, but were they to use earth magic they would have to rely on normal mana.

Gods also have two forms. The one we interact with is their Mortal Form. This form can be killed, though the difficulty of completing this task varies from god to god. This form is their only way of interacting directly with the mortal world. Should their mortal form be destroyed they will be forced into their Divine Form. This form cannot exist beyond the God Realms and at the same time cannot usually be reached by any mortal being. They are constrained to simply watching the world from afar as they spend centuries rebuilding their mortal form.

Important Note Edit

You can't just make a god. Gods are gods, and are therefore usually quite powerful. Making a god requires permission from Npo.

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