The Drealms lore is vast, and written with the creative freedom of the users in mind.

History of the UniverseEdit

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The Three A'sEdit

The Three A's are the three main, supernatural energies of the universe. They exist within every living being and are fundamental to the process of life. The three are mana, aura and anima.

Mana is used in the discipline of Arcana. It's the energy of the mind, and is the magic of the Drealms universe. With Arcana, one can accomplish nearly anything they wish. It is a versatile discipline with many uses, for both combat or utility purposes.

Aura is used in the discipline of Aura. It's the energy of the body. With aura, users can manipulate the physical realm to their pleasing, as well as strengthen their bodies to supernatural prowess.

Anima is used in the discipline of Anima. It's the energy of the heart and soul. With anima, users can manipulate the emotions of others to do their bidding, as well as manipulate the souls of others or of the dead.


The universe of Drealms is split into realms. They are similar to biospheres, in the sense that each realm can be from a few miles in radius to beyond the human eye can see, and have their own climates inside.

With the whole universe split into realms, the areas available for exploration is extremely vast. The majority of the universe has of yet been untouched by humans. There are a number of prime locations bustling with activity, however. These are some notable locations.

  • 'Drealmcity2.0': The city in the realm at the very center of the universe. In this city, many travellers come and go. The The God's Claw guild, a powerful multi-purpose organization, resides here.
  • more to be listed

Main PlotlineEdit

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