Matthias Edit

Matthias stands 5'9, and weighs a fit 156 pounds. He wears sensible scalemale under a tough, studded leather vest. He is approximately 19 years of age, and sports a clean shaven, but suprisingly worn face. His hair is sandy brown, and kept two finger widths by a hunting knife. Across his back are two blades, A large red tinted longsword, and a blue tinted shortsword, in a watertight, seamless sheathe, and a simple, but strong metal shield, of an exotic, strong metal. His leggings are lightly armored with leather and metal, as his fighting style values mobility. He rarely fights alone. Oh. He also rides an armored (sentient, talking? PLz) Unicorn, named Boris.

Skills Edit

Hand to Hand combat Edit

Matthias was trained to be an elite warrior, in Spartan like conditions. But He didn't roll that way. However, he kept the skills, and with his inborn natural prowess and formidable mastery of Anima, he's a real handful to deal with.

Anima Manipulation Edit

Matthias survived his training through meditation, and knowing that he'd be able to use this skill to prevent others to have to go through the same, miserable experience. He's mastered both the application of Anima to one's weapons, and Soul fire. His Soul Fire is emitted as a small, single, pea sized orb, that explodes in dramatic fashion when near the target, dealing soul damage. He likes a little pizazz. His Soul ability is Soul Syhphon. Instead of destroying the enemy's soul, it tears away, and siphons it to empower his own soul. The borrowed parts are destroyed after use to prevent contamination.

The Short Sword Serpent's Fang Edit

Serpent's fang is an interesting weapon. It's blade is beautifully tempered, and has a nasty secret. At the blades center, a small bit of metal tubing runs from the tip to the hilt. At the hilt there's a rotating chamber with three toxins. One of them is for paralsys. One of them is meant for creatures with exoskeletons and gooey insides, and burns them like hell, and the last is a fatal venom. The blade is coated by the press of a button on the blades hilt.

Burnblod Edit

An enchanted longsword, which emits magical fire upon being swung, and has a tendency to burn through other weapons. It is highly unlikely to break.

Mounted Combat Edit

Boris is one fast, agile, mammajamma. Mounted combat is something that was thoroughly covered in Matthias's hell like training. Add the two together and you haveth a deadly combo.

Current Goal Edit

Matthias is operating on a tip that someone is trying to build a machine to mass harvest souls. He seeks the Servant. Whoever the hell that is.


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