Newdrealms, otherwise known simply as Drealms, is the current version of the RP place that the Drealms Community RPs in. This page is to help those get started with RPing in Drealms, as well as refamiliarize the veterans of our community.

Changes from OldrealmsEdit

Oldrealms was the version of Drealms before the rework which led to the place being what it is today. The main reasons for the rework taking place are:

  1. It allowed people to start over with already developed characters so that people can redo them and change any mistakes they regret doing. Though people were encouraged to fix their characters, they could always port their characters and their relationships from Oldrealms to Newdrealms.
  2. It allowed the admins to redo the lore. The history of Oldrealms place was that it started off as a branch off from Kritana, another RP place. As people moved from Kritana to Oldrealms, many of them kept their most important characters. As such, Oldrealms half-followed Kritana lore, while there was new lore being added to it at the same time. It was a bit of a mess, so it allowed for a fresh start on everything. One significant change was the Realms system.
  3. It allowed for the new The Three A's system to take effect. In Oldrealms, the Three A's system was badly done and introduced after many important characters were already established. As such, the old system was very biased towards mages and aura users. In Newdrealms, characters are now balanced and spread out between each of the three energies.

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