Overview Edit

Sibir Nizhe
The Rusalka, in the light, and the dark.









Distinguishing Features

A combination of both glow-in-the-dark and UV tattoos covering her body, some of which are runes from a long dead language.


Siberia, The Rusalka, 339701

"I come from land where your coffee freeze in your hand. In prison, we work for hours in blizzard to fix wall, wearing shirts. Your puny little winters feel like hot bath compared to that."

Sibir Nizhe (Сибирь ниже).

Commonly known as The Rusalka

Detail Edit

Appearance Edit

"What? You not like colours? Fuck you."

Sibir's most striking natural features are her crimson eyes, which along with her snow white hair and skin indicate her family's albino nature.

She also has an array of tattoos that cover her entire body, varying from simple lines to complex runes. These tattoos are barely visible in the day, but when she enters a dark room, or heads out at night, Some of them begin to glow various colors, giving her an unnatural appearance, Especially around her face.

Background Edit


Skill-set & Armaments Edit


"You ask how I stay alive? Easy. Kill them before they kill you."

While she usually speaks with a thick Russian accent, She can actually speak in an English accent with ease.

Remarkably skilled at long range - extremely long range rifle combat.

Adept at medium range rifle combat.

Novice at close range rifle combat.

Masterful at melee combat.

Standard weapons Edit

PTRS-41 Edit

"They make this gun to kill tank. It also good at kill people. Very loud, Very big. Good as bat, too."

  • Stolen from a guard on her escape.
  • It has a long string of tally marks spanning the majority of the weapon.
  • She's capable of firing it while standing, though it does bruise her shoulder after a few shots.
  • The PTRS-41 is, in short, a bolt action anti-tank rifle, capable of punching straight through 4cm of steel at a range of 100 meters.
  • Devastating against vehicles at ranges of 800 meters.
  • Will tear a person in half with ease at ranges of over 2KM

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