"I am a conversation."
Tak is the Draconis Alma of Power, he is a thirteen year old boy with a lonely and sad past. He stands 5 feet tall. Tak is an experiment made in the Soul Fusion division of the Blain Brothers co., made by a villain named Ivan. Tak is a Soul Searcher. Tak's full name is Takajamin, but he's embarrassed of the mouthful of a name. Tak has an odd past, which led to him sharing a mind, body, and soul of the demon who influenced slavery, Slaver. Slaver is basically a large lion-type beast. Tak, like Slaver, has animal-like characteristics. Tak's senses are more advanced than the average boy of his age, including his speed and strength. When Tak was a boy, he would try to gain the attention of others by pulling stunts and trying to be likeable. Although that all stopped after he died. Tak is now a person who is prepared to try his hardest for his friends and try harder for his enemies and will protect the world from anyone who tries to harm it. When in a fight, Tak holds sympathy for his opponent and tries to use violence as a last resort. After dying, he has become more intelligent and serious. 


Tak hair is a jet black, and his right eye is a light green color, his left a blue. His blue eye resemble's Slaver's eye, the pupil cat-like. His green resembles Nagar's, the pupil snake-like. Tak usually likes wearing a black coat, black leggings, blue sandals and a purple coat tied around his waist. He wears a grey glove on his right hand. His sleeves also have red leather straps on them. Tak carries a large green scroll over his shoulder. The scroll explains his techniques and fighting style. The back of his coat has a design representing a black crescent moon within a white sun, resembling an esclipse of sorts. Tak wears a scarf woven with stars, made by Celeste(um, just pretend it's in the pic). Tak also wears a wooden Yin Yang amulet with two magic stones in it. Tak wears his old red bandana around his forearm. He also has clockwork goggles around his neck. The numbers "1124" are etched into his forehead. Tak used to hide the numbers beneath his bandana, but recently learned there wasn't really a point.

Weapons Edit


When Tak is fighting, he uses two blue crows named Grief and Sorrow to summon a rapier owned to him by his deceased caretaker, Melancholy. The sword's name is Misery, and it is able to manipulate the water. He uses this weapon to control the water in plants, make ice and water clones of himself, etc. Tak is also able to summon a jet black staff inherited to him from Slaver. It's known by most as the "Staff of the Demon Lion". The staff is able to call forth ghostly green chains that are made of one of the most hardest materials to break. The staff can also open a portal to Slaver's realm. The staff can change into Slaver's sword, dubbed "The Blade of the Beast". Tak also uses Stern's staff, which channels his soul searcher powers better. He also uses Clypeus to block attacks and drain the energy of opponents.


Techniques/Fighting Style Edit

Tak has gained a large manapool thanks to training most days of his life since he was born and put into the Soul Fusion division.

-Reinboru(Rainbow Ball): One of Tak's signature moves, a rainbow ball forms in his hand that is made of a pure type of energy that makes an energy repulse on contact with anything foreign to Tak.

-Oniboru(Devil Ball):(Seen in the picture)The Oniboru is a dark purple ball that gives off a dark, corrupted energy. When it makes contact with something foreign to Tak, it makes a large explosion of energy.

-Kamiboru: The technique was formed when Raama and Tak collided the Oniboru and Reinboru, forming a ball that represented a Yin Yang. Tak shoots the large ball, upon contact it forms a large tornado of magic elements, lightning striking inside the tornado and rain forming afterwards. It's Tak's most powerful and mana-consuming technique.

-Growl: Tak is able to make a lion's growl, which releases a powerful sound wave from his mouth.

-Dance of Woe: Learned from a deceased caretaker, Tak uses Misery and his swordplay in a stance taught to him by Melancholy.

-Slaver's Madness: Slaver's Madness takes the form of armor, cloaking him in a solid black suit of armor with a skeletal design, along with dragon-like wings. He grows a lion's tail along with his teeth becoming sharp and his ears becoming pointed. A lion skull mask also forms on his face, which Tak moves to the side of his face. When used with his Draconis powers, the skeletal design becomes golden. The golden skeletal design gives off a dim source of light.

-Nagar's Madness: Tak's limbs are able to extend at will and he grows fangs. His hair becomes longer, and he gains green scales on his hands and feet and around his eyes. His arms become doused in poison. He is able to spit acid and spray different types of poison from his arms. When used with his Draconis powers, the white of his hair becomes golden.

-Lion, Snake, and Crow: Tak's energy fuses with a giant bird of golden ice named Crow. The large bird resembles a crow, being about 10m long 10m tall. The same is said for a giant snake and lion made from golden ice. The lion being 20m long and 20m tall, resembling Slaver, and named Lion. The snake having horns, deadly fangs and long arms, being 30m long and named Snake.

-Five Stages: Tak summons five soilders made from stone, each 30 meters tall except one. The first has short hair, and wields a large staff. Tak calls it Bargain. The second has long hair, wielding a dagger and is called Anger. The third seemed to be wearing a dress, it had medium hair and its eyes weren't visible, it wields a rapier and is called Depression. The fourth had long hair and a long beard, and wore a cliche wizard hat, it wielded a staff that had a large ball at the top and a shortsword in the other hand. Tak calls it Denial. The final soilder is the tallest, being 40m tall. It wields no weapon, using its fists instead. It has a sphere-shaped ball in it's chest made of ores from the ground it's summoned in. It also seemed to wear goggles similar to Tak's. Tak calls it Acceptance.

-Teleportation: The pupils of Tak's eyes spin so fast they become two black circles, then a vortex to Slaver's Realm opens. Tak also uses this to go to other places, as well.

-Demons: Tak has an entire team of 25 demons at his command in Slaver's Realm, and can summon a handful at them at a time using teleportation.

-Time Magic: Tak is able to control time for 3 seconds before passing out. With Slaver's Madness, Tak is able to control time for 8 seconds before passing out.

-DA powers: Tak's first stage of power starts with black scales forming on his hands and feet and his pupils become Xs and black scales form around his eyes. At full power, the black scales become white scales and replace Tak's skin, the marks on his cheeks becoming thick and red, connecting to long red lines that drop down from his eyes, resembling tear streaks. A long sleeveless cloak that drops to the ground made from black and gold flames form. While at full power, Tak can drain the magic around him, absorbing it into his own attacks.

-Touer: This is when Tak's Yin and Yang are forcefully separated. The two opposite groups then begin to attract and at the point of collision Tak gains a bright white aura outlining his figure and the numbers on Tak's forehead slowly mold together, a third eye opening made of divine light. The glow of the eye is multicolored. The hair around the third eye is magically moved upwards. Both of Tak's eyes are disguised with a constant white glow. When he moves at an increased speed, he is followed by a ghosty afterimage of himself. He is able to see 10 second visions into the future while in this state, and is able to predict an opponent movements. While in this state, his manapool gradually drains, so Tak is only able to keep this up for a limited time. He gains a white demonic wing and a black-feathered angelic wing.

Negative and Positive effects of Touer: If Tak somehow messes up the requirements for Touer, this is what happens:

Yang- If Tak goes towards the light side, the golden aura becomes white, and he is engulfed in it. The third eye only has a white color to it, the pupil black. His manapool is drained less, but he can only see 5 second visions instead of ten. The good thing about this is that his mental stability is improved although his strength decreases. The glow in his left eye becomes white and the glow in his right becomes black. He gains two angelic wings with black feathers.

Yin- Tak is corrupted with a black aura similar to the white one, being engulfed in it. The third eye becomes black with a white pupil. His mental state becomes unstable and his strength increases more. The glow in his left eye becomes black and the glow in his right becomes white. He gains white demonic wings.
Touer TakImage

Seishin Mode- Tak combines the power of Touer, his Draconis, Nagar's and Slaver's abilities. This is Tak at his absolute strongest. He gains Slaver's armor with a glowing white skeletal design, and demonic and angelic wings, and the coat made from fire. Tak grows four horns on his forehead. Two of them are smaller than the other two. He grows three large tails. A white-scaled tail similar to a dragon's, and a white-furred tail similar to a lion's and a white scaled tail similar to a snake's. He also grows two more pairs of arms out of his shoulders and hips. It looks like a pair of lion's arms. The fur is white and the paws don't look like they can grab anything. The other pair is a pair of white-scaled arms with the fingernails similar to claws and black.

Tak is also invulnerable to heat and fire, and at a certain cost of mana he can regenerate his cells. This was given to him after fusing with Slaver. Tak has also been fused with Nagar, so he is immune to most poisons. The only poisons that effect him are a handful of strong poisons.

Friends/Family Edit

Asuna- Tak's sister(not related by blood), they met in Kritana when he was ten.

Alveron- Asuna's baby son, and Tak's nephew. Tak does not wish for Alveron to be involved in any of the world's troubles.

Moon- Tak's brother(again, not related by blood), a golem made from clay. Tak recently had to face Moon in battle, taking out his damaged core. Tak wears his clockwork goggles around his neck.

Leila Tiro- Tak's deceased biological mother.

Cyrus Tiro- Tak's deceased biological father.

Abe Stern- His caretaker for three years before being killed by Ivan. Tak thought of him like a father. Developed the basic principles of Tueor during his young adulthood, the final results being developed by Tak.

Melancholy- Another caretaker Tak had, a rift walker that died protecting the land. She passed on Misery to him, Tak thought of her like a mother.

Felica Hawes- First met her while she was pregnant with Aven and about to deliver. Luckily Tak and Asuna were there to help.

Aven- Felica's son, was there when he was born.

Griffin- Tak's adopted mother, but she's..well. A giant Griffin. She forcefully adopted him in Kritana after kidnapping him suddenly and taught him how to fly. (Don't ask.)

Waggle/Wa'Ghoul- You see Waggl- "WAAAAGGGGGLLLEE" O-Oh God. Not here! Waggle wait! "I am the-" Waggle, we're not doing this. This is my Wiki. Get out. I can take it from here. Sorry 'bout that. I'll...erm. Continue. Anyways, Waggle is a bedsheet that- "Beautiful bedsheet." WAGGLE! GET OUT...*sigh*...that lives under Tak's couch. He has the power to clean. But secretly, he's the God of Purity. Tak is afraid that people would judge him, but he thought Waggle was pretty cool. I mean, he couldn't even keep his own room clean.

Aero- A fire user Tak met in Kritana, the DA of Fire. Tak thinks highly of Aero and the rest of the Honos, partially being his sister is married to one, Kaze.

Kaze- His brother in law, Alveron's father, and the son of Aero.

Dodger- He knows she is with Aero, he doesn't know her really.

Siwang- One of Tak's kin, a Soul Searcher and the DA of Death. Due to Tak becoming corrupt after his mother died, Siwang no longer thinks of him as kin.

L- A man Tak has only seen around a few times. Slaver does not trust L for some reason, but Tak just thinks he's being salty because L's demon can be outside.

Gizaan- The DA of Psychic. Tak kind of sees her as a huge booknerd.

Zaynan- One of the first people Tak met in Drealms. He is currently worried about how she thinks of herself.

Cassie- Was there when Vane died, and gave her a home to stay in.

Zisser Vraal- A bugman. An experiment just like Tak from the Blain Brothers co., although Tak was in a separate division from Zisser's.

Cordelia- A woman Tak met while at Hono Manor. He wonders why she still plays with stuffed animals.

Axis- The DA of time that taught Tak a little time magic, and tricked him into becoming an Equalizer.

Rosco- One of Tak's friends at camp. He upholds a friendly rivalry with him.

Celeste- Tak's old crush, when I say old I mean, Tak totally got turned down when he tried singing for her and proposed with a donut with a bite in it, which Grief and Sorrow proceeded to attack him for.

Cinder- A woman Tak met when he was ten. Tak is very fond of her artwork. Tak has a crush on her even though she is older than him. Tak plans to be more subtle than when he tried to woo Celeste. Joined a girl's-only club to be closer to her.

Amalthea- Forett's wife and mother of five. Tak is friends with one of her children, Jay.

Jay- The son of Amalthea. Recently lost his respect because he left Jay's boy's-only club to go into another.

Physis- The DA of Nature. Tak considers him a friend, but doesn't like him as much since he always got mad at Tak for trying to cheer him up and Physis saying he didn't like him.

Clypeus- Tak's shield that he picked up in a cave. Tak cares for the shield, despite it's perverted tendencies.(>Taking Tak to a brothel and paying for a couple of ladies.) Clypeus trains Tak and improves his physique.

Raama- After becoming friends with Tak and being defeated by Raama in battle, began to train him under the ways of Purity. He thinks the whole Waggle being Wa'Ghoul thing is made up, along with the idea of Waggle being Tak's imaginary friend or something.

Fawn(droid)- The former DA of Emotions and after dieing became a robot. He has read her journal, learning about her sad past(Before being punished by Physis, that is). Met her in Kritana, became friends with and once took on corruption for her.

Korsakov- The DA of Chaos and a friend he can count on. Although he still owes Kors a couple favors.

Enemies Edit

Judar- Tak's first enemy and rival, he doesn't see him as much but he hopes one day he can beat him.

Malio- Felica's evil half which banished Tak to the Realm Between for two years.

Ivan- Now deceased, the one who kidnapped Tak as a baby and put him in as a lab rat for the Soul Fusion experiments.

Yui- Ivan's sister and died by a corrupted Tak in the Realm Between. Tak called her Kat before she revealed herself to be Ivan's sister. She disappeared after Tak blacked out in the Realm Between.

Lysandre- Now taken over by a demon's influence, experiment #1000 in the Soul Fusion experiments.

The Host- Fought him once after he attacked him and Rosco.

Past Edit

It all started when Siwang slaughtered the Soul Searchers. Tak's mother and father managed to escape, and gave birth to Tak. His mother and father both went to kill Siwang, but died in the process. Ivan, a researcher under the division of the Blain Brothers co., found Tak. This would be his 1124th subject. And his last. To prove himself, Experiment #1124 would have to constantly murder his fellow peers so he did not die himself. Meanwhile, Ivan was experimenting on himself, printing the number One on his own tongue. The experimenting was postponed when one day, while facing a boy named Lysandre in battle, Slaver and a demon called Nagar attacked. Yui, Ivan's little sister, used herself as a catalyst to seal Nagar and Slaver inside Tak and Lysandre to protect the scientists and her brother. As he crawled through the hot desert of Kritana making a trail if his own blood, he looked up, seeing Abe Stern, a wise old mage that most people did not cross paths with. He was the leader of a mercanary guild dubbed "The Grey Gloves." Stern rescued the starving and confused boy, who did not even know how to speak proper english, teaching him the basics of elemental magic and fighting, while keeping good terms with education. Stern named him Takajamin, after his father. Stern decided to teach him something advanced since he showed promise. During the special training, Slaver awoke inside Tak, and he slaughtered a populous of the mercanaries. After that, people looked down on him like a demon. Tak lived by himself in the forest of Kritana, until he met a girl named Asuna. After becoming very close, they decided to become siblings. Meanwhile, Ivan finally caught him. Ivan murdered Stern in cold blood, and met Tak. The demon inside Tak finally awoke, although Tak still lost the fight. With his last breath, Stern told Tak he was a soul searcher. The new guild leader was a rogue named Vorg, who was a spy for Ivan to keep an eye on Tak. Asuna and Tak traveled to another land in search of the rest of them. As Tak was building his house, he met a woman named Zaynan, who told him that there was a Soul Searcher she was dating. His name was Siwang. Siwang tells Tak he and himself are the last of their kin. Now setting his plan in motion, Vorg and Ivan begin to attack with their goonies. Unohara, a wielder of the Gaunlet of Thievery at the time, stole Physis' Draconis abilities and attacked the manor with wooden soilders at as destraction while Ivan dug up the Gold Ring of Greed. A woman named Malio had an alliance with Ivan at the time, so naturally Tak confronted her. In the heat of the battle Tak decided to banish the evil one in his mind. Malio drove Tak to a point of insanity where his mind rejected her while he was in the Soul Glade. Malio banished him to the Realm Between for two years. Meanwhile in that dark place, hungry and alone Tak was finally weak enough for Yui to escape. Not weak enough for Slaver but enough to corrupt Tak. While being corrupted, Yui explained how she was Ivan's sister and trapped Slaver in Tak. When Tak awoke, Yui was gone and Tak was covered in blood, and Tak wasn't hungry anymore. Tak looked up and saw a trail of plants leading to the exit. After that, Tak met many people. Including a Riftwalker named Melancholy. She would become Tak's caretaker after vowing to protect him. After that, she died protecting the land. Jack Adder, another Riftwalker, gave her blade to Tak. Tak formed a special bond with a man named Moon, and the two became brothers. Afterwards Tak found out Moon was a golem made by a man named Saturn. Tak met the D12 crew, and began to live in that camp of theirs. While walking out of the cave he ran into a talking shield named Clypeus, who began to train him in Slaver's realm until he turned sixteen. After Tak came back, Ivan finally returned with a plan, to gain a group of mythical artifacts called the Seven Rings of Sin. Years before, Ivan discovered Lysandre, experiment #1000 had survived. He convinced that Tak was evil and needed to be stopped. Lysandre was taken down easily by Moon and Tak had to face Nagar in battle. Slaver explained how he and Nagar were in a "relationship". Slaver decided to cooperate with Tak for once, and Tak was able to beat her easily and banish her to the depths of Slaver's hell-like realm. Meanwhile, Asuna found Ivan holding Alveron over his crib. They both fought, Asuna losing an arm. Tak appeared, and Slaver took this chance to take over. Slaver began to take over Tak's mind, and Tak started to feast on Ivan. Asuna managed to calm Tak down. Tak took the five rings from Ivan, and he went over to see Physis. Tak thought it would be a good idea to keep half of Physis' ring. Tak knew how it changed people. Not so much time passed, and Tak confronted Siwang in battle after being bossed around by him. Tak was overwhelmed by Siwang's strength and dropped his sword. Siwang broke his sword and took the rings. After Physis saw the other half of his ring with Siwang, Tak had to explain himself. Slaver corrupted Tak again suddenly, but luckily Siwang was there to lock Slaver up again. Tak used this time and challenged Slaver. Upon gaining his powers, Tak was able to see Slaver's memories, finding that he used to be a human boy named Shin. Shin was a simple farmboy until bandits burned down his home and his mother and baby sister with it. Shin swore vengeance upon humanity, making a guild which involved many people, mostly criminals. In young adulthood and in a relationship with a woman named Rachel, he made a deal with a spirit from a magic artifact. Shin wished for power, and was turned into the Demon Hybrid Slaver. Along with his guild, and Rachel, who was turned into the poison snake Demon Hybrid Nagar. Tak sympathized with Slaver, calling him Shin before he dissapeared from his mind. Days past and Zisser decides to prepare Tak for the battle against the Doktor. They are interupted by Apex, who throws Tak into the ocean and is knocked out in the process. Slaver uses the last of his power to fuse with Tak completely. Tak shares traces of Slaver's dragon blood, and becomes the DA of Power. Tak bursts out of the ocean, and he and Rosco drive Apex out. Slaver also gave Tak back what he had lost. As Slaver's exoskeleton crumbled away, Tak appeared to be twelve again. Slaver had given Tak back his childhood. Eternal, a being made from Crystals, revived his mother, Leila. Siwang called Tak, making him search for a book on Soul Searchers in the manor's library. Siwang slowly began to explain how he slaughtered the soul searchers and afterwards Tak's mother and father. Siwang turned and as he questioned Tak's view on him Tak hugged him from begin explaining he suffered the same past and decided not to hold a grudge. Because right now Tak felt like he had something better than the family he wished for. During an attack by Eternal, his mother fought Amalthea, who ripped off her mask, a catalyst for her possession. After that, Tak and her spent quality time together. Siwang appeared, and his mother and Siwang fought after argueing. His mother was easily defeated as Siwang ripped her apart and beheaded her infront of Tak. The moon became red, and Tak suddenly snapped. He had enough of being thrown around like a rag doll. Raama appeared before him in divine light. The ambassador of light and purity fought the DA of Power and the Slaver Incarnate. Raama won that battle. Tak died. Tak appeared in the Soul Glade, apologising in tears to Melancholy for not following her teachings. Stern watched this, knowing this wasn't the end and would tell Tak at the right time. Later, he was soon brought back by Axis. After seeing the error of his ways, he deeply apologised to Raama and asked to teach him the ways of Purity. One day, Moon became angry at Tak. Through Moon's threats, he began to threaten him back. Afterwards they faced eachother in battle. Tak won, gaining a damaged core. Unable to protect his own brother Tak felt he needed to get stronger. Tak kept the core hidden in his house. Fixing it then would probably bring back an evil Moon. As a former Dictator revived an evil man named Vendetta, who plans to kill Tak, Tak had decided to seek help from Slaver. Slaver decided to go finish his training with Stern. Stern tells Tak that hidden in Kritana is his research on his work in progress technique, Toeur. Tak finds Stern's staff by his grave, hidden inside is the research. Stern explained how Touer was "Taking your good and evil and separating them only to have imbalance until they re-collide. Producing a form of perfect balance in your Mind, Body, Soul and Spirit." Stern began finishing Tak's final phase of training. Tak has recently gone to drealms on his thirteenth birthday to only come across a broken Rosco. While they were taking a walk they were attacked by The Host, who made Rosco unconscious and Tak fought until Rosco woke up and made a large explosion. When the smoke cleared there was a girl. After the girl had retreated Tak went back and put Rosco into his bed for him to rest. After telling him why he left, Tak told Rosco not to tell anyone that he was seen. Tak disappeared. Tak reappeared in Slaver's realm. He approached Nagar, asking her if she had accepted his offer. Tak held out his hand, Nagar's shackles coming undone and Nagar took it. Nagar's wounds began to heal as her soul fused with Tak's. A portion of his hair became white and his other pupil become snake-like.

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