The Void Edit

The Void is a theory of a concept about nothing. The white soul within Forett was placed under a great amount of stress when Korsakov removed a curse from him in the graveyard. This burst caused the entire graveyard to be ripped from the world it resided in and be transported to the Void. Here the millions of people The Dark One has devoured can be visibly seen as floating balls of plasmic energy. In this realm there is only one thing, you. The Void is a realm of complete isolation. The >>ONLY<< way to enter the Void is a teleporter established by Forett. This teleporter was created with Auric energy. Should the portal be destroyed, it will simply reconstruct itself. The only method of detecting the portal is through sight, as it slowly absorbs and destroys magical energies due to it's voiden nature. The effective range of this teleporter's range is several hundred meters in every direction.

The Void is not a realm, it is a place that is not. Entering it without Forett/TDO is impossible for any being, though nothing could be gained from going into the void other than a safe haven from some powerful being.

Here are some big hitters.

Passive effects within The Void Edit

You cannot use ANY magic, including Aura. The Void is a realm in TDO's mind, meaning that what he thinks is a reality. If you send a clone or brainwashed person inside to speak with him for you, you will be in for a nice surprise. The Void is a realm of isolation, meaning that if even the smallest trace of your being is inside of it, you can be pulled into it. This is due to the fact that you cannot partially be within The Void. You are or you aren't, it is as simple as that. (If its a messenger, however, that is a little different. I cannot promise you TDO will give him back, though.)

The portal into the void cannot be detected until 'the pull' of it can be felt. Voiden energy leaks from it, causing the nearby plant life to wither and fade. The energy is not strong enough to affect living creatures. The portal appears as a large orb of blue fire. The portal is harmless, and should Forett not reside within the graveyard it will not transport a character there.

The Void is, as stated, a realm of isolation. No light exist in the graveyard, there is simply what is seen and what is unseen. A light source or enhanced sense will do little to assist a being within this bleak world.

Keep Out.

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